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Ed Baig giving iphone review!!


Silly Songz for Iphone

ssz_phonehandSilly Songz is the 21st Century way to send a singing card as reviewed by apptism…whatever it is that you’ve left unsaid, well, now’s your chance not just to say it, but zing it!

*Happy Birthday
*I don’t like you anymore
*Happy Anniversary
*Let’s party tonight!
*You are hot!
*I’m bored
*Are you up?
*Want to go out?
*You’re dumped!
*Can’t make it tonight
*I’m sorry for what I said…
*And many, many more!!!!

To check how it works – Just select the song you want, then customize it and zing it off to whomever your heart desires. You’ll record your own :15 second message that will be edited automatically to the song and then attached seamlessly to an email message. Then you simply press send and your song is on the way!

Silly Songz will continue to add many more songz to your library for this one-time cost. The value of this App is beyond compare! Imagine an entire musical library of these funny, irreverent and emotional songz right at your fingertips!

Silly Songz wonderful original music is created by the talents of Rich Airis and Scott Kemper of WOW Music( Our App was developed by the talents of Dramatic Technologies. This is truly the first App of its kind and the new gold-standard for musical greeting cardz.