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Google mania strikes back, everything its google now

And its so true – i was surfing through different blogs and found a user comment at one of the post of Mobile Crunch – Interesting – seems like Google will rule the whole world wide web with in few years –

The post was about Android firmware 1.1 (RC33) patch notes – Google has gone ahead and published the full bug fix/features lists for Firmware 1.1 alongside the updated SDK.

Check after the jump to see what’s gone down.


Resolved Issues

* AlarmClock alert now plays audio/vibe directly, rather than through AlarmManager. AlarmClock alert starts playing audio/vibe in its IntentReceiver, rather than on activity start. These changes should prevent alarms from being blocked by modal dialogs.
* Fixes to device sleep.
* Single tap no longer opens the in-call dialpad; users now need to touch and drag it.
* Fixes a bug causing approximately 1 in 25 outbound messages to freeze up the IMAP connection (to a Gmail based server) when transferred to the Sent folder.
* Removes automatic account setup entries that were broken or not testable. Adds minor fixes to a few of the remaining entries. Makes improvements to warning dialogs used for a few special cases.
* Changes default mail checking interval to every 15 minutes (instead of defaulting to “never”).
* Fixes password-quoting bugs in IMAP, so that users can include special characters in passwords (e.g. spaces).
* Fixes various errors in auto and manual account setup
* Improves reporting for various connection errors, making it easier for the user to diagnose failed account setups.
* Fixes new-mail notifications for POP3 accounts.
* Ensures proper auto-checking of accounts marked as “never check”.
* Now displays date and time using user preference (e.g. 24 hr vs. AM/PM).
* Now shows cc: in message view.
* Improves recovery from POP3 connection failures.
* POP3 parser rules loosened, so the application can work with non-compliant email servers.
* Removes green CALL button as a shortcut for “add a new call”.

New Features

* Maps: Adds details and reviews when a user does a search on Maps and clicks on a business to view it’s details.
* Dialer: In-call screen timeout default is now longer when using the speakerphone.
* Dialer: Adds a “Show dialpad” / “Hide dialpad” item to the in-call menu, to make it easier to discover the DTMF dialpad.
* Adds support for saving attachments from MMS
* Adds support for marquee in layouts.

API Changes

* Adds annotations for test systems, no actual (non-test) API changes.
* Adds a method to allow a process to easily determine its UID.
* Adds support for marquee in layouts.
* Adds new methods for determining padding in views. Useful if you are writing your own subclasses of View.
* Adds new permissions that allow an application to broadcast an SMS or WAP Push message.
* API cleanup: removes protected constructor from SDK-bound system images.


Keep your fingers crossd – Windows Mobile 6.5 to be live soon!!

Just read a post at Gizmodo, Windows mobile 6.5 will soob be live and will be announced most probably in the coming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is taking place between 16th – 19th February –


Blackberry Storm – Press and Be Impressed :)


Nokia 3120 Classic – Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend this Valentine!!

Its 4th of Feb – Valentine is near and love in the air all around – Lovers are looking for the perfect gifts for their valentines – Few of them are looking forward to go for the traditional stuff like flowers, chocolates, sweets, perfumes, stuff toys and other similar things – However, few have some other plans 😉 – more technical you can say – but different in their own way –  

nokia-3120-classic-03If you really want to make your Girlfriend happy by giving a perfect gift and you are sure that she really like techy things more than other traditional stuff like sweets and jewelry; I would suggest you to go for Nokia 3120 Classic – A Nokia series 40 based phone with 2.0 megapixel camera and with support of 4GB microSD cards for storing music, picture, videos, contacts, themes and many more – Add some cool applications like Safe Store Gold edition and Due Date Manager – some cool pictures that reminds her of the time you both spent together and add more love to those memories – some romantic songs and themes that really makes her feel up above the clouds 🙂

Go for it and make this Valentine the loveliest of all – Have a lovely Date 😉

Nokia E71 – Ultimate Business Device

Another QWERTY based smartphone by Nokia that is much responsive and quick – and becoming more popular and feasible because of its compatible size – As compared to E61, it is much more convenient. The E51 is a great entry level enterprise device, but lacks the power that a full size keyboard provides. The completed portfolio of 2nd generation Eseries devices (E51, E66, E71, E90) has a real sense of maturity about it. This comes from the hardware (variety across the range, build quality and feature set), but also the software – the enterprise applications, and crucially, the enterprise device management options have been significantly improved. The Nokia E71 and its sisters look set to give Nokia’s Enterprise rivals (Blackberry and Windows Mobile – and, yes, in time the iPhone) some sleepless nights.

10The key features include Quad-band GSM support, Landscape 2.36″ 16M color display of QVGA resolution, 3G with HSDPA 3.6Mbps support, Comfortable full QWERTY keypad, Convenient business-minded shortcut keys , Symbian 9.2 OS, S60 UI with FP1 (topped with some FP2 goodies) , 369 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 128 MB of SDRAM , Wi-Fi, Built-in GPS receiver, A-GPS, 3.15 megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash, 110 MB of internal memory, microSD expansion, ships with a 2GB card, Slimmest smartphone to-date, slimmest Wi-Fi and/or GPS handset to-date, Stainless steel casing, Standard 2.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP support, microUSB v2.0, FM radio, Remote Wipe , Provider-independent VoIP support, Infrared port , Great battery life , Office document editor , User-friendly Mode Switch for swapping two homescreen setups, Rich retail package and many more –

Besides many advantages, the few drawbacks this phone holds are: Below average camera performance, Video recording maxes out at QVGA@15fps, No dedicated camera key, Smaller display than its predecessor, Cheap-looking power key, No RDS for the FM radio – But overall Nokia E71 is considered as an ultimate business cellphone. There is no BlackBerry and Exchange client support in the phone,  which otherwise handles push email, contacts, appointments, and tasks flawlessly, doesn’t support email folders. That’s going to be a deal breaker for some, to be sure. But for casual business users , Nokia E71 is the best among all Nokia smartphones –

Ali, Senior Software Engineer at Mondo Pakistan, and friend of mine is planning to buy one soon – the phone is available in the locat market with price range Rs 34,000 – Rs 37,000 – I am sure he will get one soon – 🙂 InshaAllah –

LG Dare – one of the top 5 cellphones

CNET reports LG Dare as one of the top 5 best cellphones these days – Kent German – the senior editor CNET reviewed the phone – and states –  One of the most notable fallouts of the Apple iPhone launch last year is the ever-growing trend of touch-screen phones. LG was one of the first manufacturers out of the gate with phones such as the LG Voyager and the LG Vu dazzling us with features that we couldn’t get on the iPhone, like live mobile TV and 3G connectivity. Samsung then came blazing out with the Instinct, a phone that directly targets the iPhone with visual voice mail, integrated GPS, and corporate e-mail support. Yet, many of these phones still walked on familiar ground with its design and features.

buyLG’s latest handset, however, dares to take things in a different direction. The appropriately named LG Dare presents a few tricks we haven’t seen before in the touch-screen phone genre. For example, you can drag and drop icons to make your own customized shortcuts on the home screen, or you can use a drawing pad to sketch ideas or draw a map, which can then be sent via MMS to a friend. The Dare also has one of the most advanced cameras we’ve seen on a touch-screen phone–its 3.2-megapixel camera has settings like face detection, noise reduction, panorama photo stitching, and a SmartPic technology designed for taking photos in low light. The built-in camcorder can even record high-speed video and play it back in slow-motion, which is a first for U.S. camera phones. We certainly wouldn’t want to call this an iPhone killer since it doesn’t have features such as Wi-Fi, and its Web browser and media player aren’t as good. However, the Dare is a very appealing alternative for Verizon customers who want a touch-screen phone with a difference. The LG Dare is priced competitively at $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a two-year service agreement.