And I am back again –

Finally after almost an year I decided to come back to blogging – life has been changed a lot since past one year – things have been more complicated and life became more messy – I decided to engaged myself into this – so that I can never see whats  going around me. I know its selfish, but this is only what I can do – its a sort of escape

I have decided to start utilizing my experience with different handsets and start writing the reviews – much more in the desi style now – I would be interviewing my friends, family, colleagues and people around me and would ask their experiences with their handsets –

I know its weird, but trust me – I have nothing else to do – maybe this way I would be able to get out of my self created trauma –

And yeah – don’t forget to wish me best of luck J


1 Response to “And I am back again –”

  1. 1 faisalriaz January 22, 2009 at 7:18 am

    Good to see you here after a long time. Its fund to write and share something with the masses. You have a voice and it can reach to people by means of blog.

    SID – I’m also working on my blogs. Do pay a visit.

    Do read the post where I interviewed Faraz Inam.

    Lookin to hear from ur end.


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