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And i missed the Android :(

Thanks to sam – 😦 – Now i have to wait for another month – 😦


LG KG 300 – Losing its value or still in demand?

LG KG 300 is one of the most commonly used phones in Asia. Beside its cheap price, it has many other cool specifications that usually Asian users need in their handsets – Like GPRS, Bluetooth, color display, FM coder, good battery and more memory space.

lg-kg300-00However, don’t know why, but I found many user reviews where I found them complaining about this phone – Few of them have complaints about poor battery, low sms memory, bad camera and themes –  

“This Phone has both good and bad qualities. I am using this phone from since it was released (Dec’2006). I found one problem that its vibration mode is not working sometimes. Its battery life is poor. Even though there is 1 point of battery, the phone is turning of automatically after you receive any incoming call. It is having codec problem while playing an MP3 file. it plays only some mp3 files that are decoded according to this phones spec.” says Ram Mohan at a popular site.

Another annoyed user commented : this phone is very bad: poor camera; poor display; very bad sound quality; no themes; slow menu; slow Bluetooth speed; poor battery talk time

buy any nokia 3110c, 3500c, 6080 , 6151, these phone are of best quality, nokia, have all the features of all latest phones & available at the same price as of this ugly kp220.

A phone with 100 x 46 x 17 mm dimension and weight almost 89 grams – The phone has 60 MB shred memory along with GPRS, USB and Bluetooth port(v 1.2). The phone has stand by battery up to 250 hr and talk time up to 3 hours. However, many users still demands this phone – probably that’s the reason this phone is not available in local market.

Themes for Sony Ericsson K510i


Few more Android Pics – Courtesy:Sam


Video – T-Mobile G1 – Google Android Rocks!!

The Mobile Guru – Siduu!! :)

Since past 2 years as I started working on mobiles and testing applications, I experienced so many funny incidents where I could not stop myself laughing at the situation – sometimes they look so stupid and sometime too cute – but anyways these are causes of why most of my friends and family member contact me whenever they face any problem with their handsets.

Forget about past, I want to share today’s event where my brother in law gave me the title of “Mobile Guru BiBi” and off course except the BiBi part, the title was appraising for me.

My bro-in-law who recently got married called me today saying “Sidra! I don’t know what happened , I just checked my camera pictures in the cellphone and they are not there now – There was almost 250+ pictures and I am afraid I may have loose them – Is there any way I can get them back – They were too important” and just in 2 minutes I conclude it – however, meanwhile , I was looking at his gesture, he was about to cry 😛 because he collected many beautiful pictures of the northern areas of Pakistan since he and my sister have been visiting different places after getting married –

Khair, I just opened his Sony Ericsson K790i, took out the memory card and inserted it again – as soon as I plugged it in again and checked the pictured, they were there – and he was like “Thank you yaar; you saved my data” and gave me this title – J

Such appraises really works like fuel for me and I am very thankful to my ex-colleague and friends who really helped me learning a lot of things those others still don’t know – Thank You!

2008 was bad for Nokia ? Just found out its true :S